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I made an application which uses ftp so windows shows windows security alert windows firewall has blocked some features of this program message for every new version of my application any idea how to fix this so user does not have to press unblock for every new build of my application?

I publish my application using visual studio publish option & new version get pushed to client machines automatically. details for this deployment are here

e.g. For 1.2 version it will only ask for windows firewall permissions only once but for 1.3 it will ask again.

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Are you changing the image path and name with each build? i.e is it c:\progra~1\jaminator_1.2\jm12.exe before upgrade and c:\progra~1\jaminator_1.3\jm13.exe after? – Graham Hill Jan 6 '12 at 16:28
@GrahamHill yes for some reason its changing the path details… – Hassan Jan 6 '12 at 18:38

This is by design in the windows firewall security model - if it thinks the application has changed it doesn't know whether that is a malicious change so reverts to the default 'block' until a connection is approved by the user.

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