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I was reading the this question over on Ask Ubuntu and they suggest adding the following line to etc/sudoers so that you're not prompted to enter your password each time you run sudo


Is this a security risk and if so, what are some ways people can exploit this?

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Yes, it's a security risk, but if somebody gains access to an account of the admin group, you're already in trouble. It's rather easy to create an alias that executes malicious code that will be executed the instead of the actual sudo command. – Dennis Jan 9 at 6:23
-1, obvious question. – Quora Feans Jan 9 at 13:23
@QuoraFeans The fact that it's an obvious question does not mean that it is a poor fit for the site. We're not just a collection of non-obvious questions, and anything but the most trivial questions has a place here. – Nzall Jan 9 at 15:10
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Yes, it's a risk. Anyone who touches your keyboard can get root access by running sudo and not worrying about your password. Anyone who has an exploit that gets them userland access can instantly get root access using the sudo command. This reduces isolation and increases the effort to recover from an attack or intrusion.

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Good thing this is isn't done by default on the world's most used VPS....... oh, wait... – Billy C. Jan 9 at 9:30

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