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Is there a way to identify a person's IP address in Skype, when you're chatting with them? Does this depend on their Skype settings? And if you've recorded chat messages, can they lead to the actual person IP address, or their ISP's?

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Reopened by popular demand - as there are security implications of IP addresses (although not generally considered a reliable way to identify a user or machine...) –  Rory Alsop Feb 12 '12 at 22:16

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In general yes, there is ways of doing this, as a quick google search would've been able to tell you.

When ever you call, write or send a file to a person on skype you make direct contact with the persons IP/ISP IP, and that you are of course able to track. A simple way to do it in windows is using netstat -n while in a call, and look for the port you know you use skype on. A better way would be to use wireshark to monitor your traffic and look for skype protocols.

A quick youtube video on the simple way to do it:

It is however very limited what kind of thread this might be to you. If you don't have any holes or open ports that shouldn't be open, or are hidden behind a basic router/firewall, it's quite a bit harder to get to you than just going through skype.

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What the IP might tell you: your contact's approximate geolocation. –  Gilles Feb 10 '12 at 0:27

In the Skype protocol there are also "proxy nodes" that relay traffic for you. Every Skype client can in fact become such a proxy node if the network reachability is good, especially in regard to firewall conditions. So you can't be sure if the peer IP address you are seeing is the one of your call partner or of a random proxy node. In the latter case you have no way of finding out the call partners real IP address.

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This answer makes more sense then the above answer. I thought it was strange that you would make a direct connection to somebody. –  Ramhound Feb 23 '12 at 19:07

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