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we'd like setup and use Juniper Junos Pulse at iphone and ipad for access to Corporate mail. we have juniper SA, prepare policy, but Question: how to apply policy for device?

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Have you not read the vendor's manuals? I'd find it hard to believe that they would not explain that... Anyway, this is only marginally on-topic here, usually questions here would be more like "what kind of policy should be applied" or "how to allow access to mail" etc. Mayhaps you'd have better luck at serverfault. –  AviD Dec 15 '10 at 21:36

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Not specifically on topic, but:

According to the Junos Pulse release notes: The Apple iPad Junos Pulse is not supported on the Apple iPad as of September 2010. Junos Pulse will be qualified to work on Apple iPad products when iOS 4.2 is realeased by Apple.

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