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I'm about to receive an offer for a position of "Security developer / Pen-tester" that I have been interviewing for. The firm is moderately sized and as some very big clients, so in terms of cost vs. revenue I don't think there should be an issue there. The position is based in New York City, I'm currently living in Chicago. I have about 3 years experience doing software development, and am relatively savvy on the security end, but have not yet done work in the field professionally.

My main question is what are reasonable salary expectations for this type of position? One of my main thoughts is that the cost of living in NYC (Manhattan) is significantly higher than where I currently am. Also as a software developer I'm making about 80k annually right now, a little more if we factor in some bonus stuff.

If you'd like more info feel free to ask, thanks all!

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This question is very time and location specific, and you would be much better served by looking on job boards, of which there are many. Good luck though. – Rory Alsop Feb 29 '12 at 23:34