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Anyone know of any specific UK Law that would prevent the use of war dialling as part of a security research project?

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Bearing in mind that I'm not a lawyer, you would certainly want to hire a legal eagle to evaluate whether you're contravening the Communications Act 2003, specifically:

  • §125: "Dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services"
  • §126: Possession or supply of apparatus etc. for contravening s. 125
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thank you for the specific Acts. – David Stubley Dec 21 '10 at 11:45

Also need to be aware that there is a bit of backlash in the UK off the back of autocallers which leave you listening to silent connections. Was trying to find an appropriate link, but can't find the article I was after. I can't see anything that explicitly prohibits you doing it in law (but IANAL) but you might just end up very unpopular :-)

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