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Mod_security has a rules updater distributed with their release packages on sourceforge:

Usually, you can run the script and modsec will update the rules for you. However, recently, this feature has stopped working. I get the following 404 error when I attempt to update the ruleset to 2.2.4:

$ ./ -r -prepository/ -Smodsecurity-crs
Could not load GnuPG module - cannot verify ruleset signatures
Fetching: modsecurity-crs/ ...
Failed to retrieve ruleset modsecurity-crs/ 404 Not Found

We have a cron job which downloads and applies the rules frequently. It's been great up till now. Has anybody found a solution to this? Is anybody aware of other free/open repositories with self-update scripts? I've searched the forums, but no luck so far. Any help is greatly appreciate.

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It's looking for 2.2.3, which isn't there, so no surprise it fails. Sounds like you should report a bug to them.

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For anybody else interested, I've opened a bug for tracking purposes. It can be found here: – Jason Huntley Mar 29 '12 at 21:20

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