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I am checking about the security of redirect link, For the below link , how to determine whether it is secure?

For the first link, the users are not allowed to change the url in the browser, but they can copy the url down, open a new tab and paste it and change the value (but it is useless for attacking?)

For the second, it is a return path and the users can change it to any other value

Example redirect link 1

Example redirect link 2

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Can you explain what you mean by secure? In general terms, it doesn't matter how you get input into your application, it just matters that you don't ever trust it. – Graham Hill Apr 16 '12 at 13:12

You didn't explain what you mean by secure, so it is hard to answer your question. Please see the FAQ for advice on how to ask questions.

But that said, here are some resources on general risks with open, unrestricted redirects:

These may help understand the potential security risks associated with open redirects.

Please understand that there is debate about whether open redirects are a serious problem worth worrying about or not. Many people would say that they pose little risk to the site that hosts the open redirect and aren't worth too much energy to fuss over.

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