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I'm looking for SSL proxy capable of dumping requests.

I want to test custom browser against SSL-MITM attacks.

I'm able to re-route all traffic ongoing from browser to machine with proxy.

Basically proxy should:

  • initiate SSL connection with legitimate website
  • issue self-signed certificate
  • pass data received from legitimate website to browser
  • capture requests issued by browser
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Burp Suite is one of the best.

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If you want a stand alone app, Fiddler works nicely with SSL capture enabled.

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Does it works also like proxy? If browser is on machine A and proxy is on machine B? –  pixel Dec 30 '10 at 15:22

I typically use Burp Proxy - it seems to do everything you would need. Or if you want to do more, the entire Burp Suite does a huge amount. It is my first goto tool for the automated part of a security assessment, allowing me to spider an application, run scripts, test for particular vulnerabilities, and even an element for fuzzing/sequencing.

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