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I just installed the Lastpass Firefox plugin, and it seems like a useful tool thus far. The only thing that drives me crazy is that I am used to the Firefox saved passwords where it will show the last entered username/password in the field and i can immediately enter. Also, the available login history is strictly for that page, not every login I have for that site.

With Lastpass, it saves every login from every url in a site, so I have to manually select the account every time I get to a login page. This is very bothersome each time, plus my OCD alarm is going off the chart looking at that top yellow bar popup for each page that has a form or login fields.

I would just like to double click a field like I used to, and if there is a history of that field, (ie: username, address, zip code) it drops down my historical suggestions without that top yellow bar saying "OMGOSH! YOU HAVE SAVED FORM DATA!!!! CLICK THIS BANNER TO INSERT WHAT WE THINK IT SHOULD BE!" I don't want to see this every time there is a form on a page.

Can I change the behavior/settings to be forced to specifically click the Lastpass icon only if I choose to review the form data/logins for a site, otherwise it will just quietly fill my historical form information like Firefox password manager does?

I understand that Lastpass has stronger security than Firefox password manager but I need convenience to use it. I originally downloaded it to securely share passwords with my team but did not expect it to change the behavior of my browser this much and add the burden of this yellow bar.

Any advice would be most welcome! :)


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That is behaviour as intended as far as I can tell. Closing this as offtopic - it sounds like a feature request so you might be better off emailing the dev team at lastpass, or alternatively looking at the existing lastpass questions on – Rory Alsop Apr 23 '12 at 7:44