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If I send a XHR request to and response has Set-Cookie: dummyCookie=dummy in response. How different browsers handle this?

  • Does any version of any browser set the cookie for, so that it will travel in subsequent requests(requests in compliance to SOP) to
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I'm not sure if browsershots will handle this - since it seems to be mainly focused on looks, rather than behaviour.

An XHR response, if it issues a "Set-Cookie" header, it will be included in further requests. From

 If the user agent supports HTTP State Management it should persist, discard
 and send cookies (as received in the Set-Cookie response header, and sent in
 the Cookie header) as applicable.

I just tested in FF13, and XHR requests set cookie values.

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The behaviour of XHR request depends on browsers' implementation. The answer for your question (about Set-Cookie and all stuff related to XHR SOP) are here:

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Yes, I believe the browser will accept the cookie from the server, if you're allowed to send the request. I believe this should be true on all modern browsers.

But you can always test it yourself, if in doubt. Browsershots is a great tool for this sort of thing, and it is free.

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