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I'm currently staying at a Four Seasons resort using their Wifi. I noticed that while surfing all non-https sites, my webpage seems to be forced into a frame. For example, here is what google's homepage (over http) looks like on the hotspot:

<frameset id="frameset1" name="frameset1" rows="35,*" framespacing="0" frameborder="0">
<frame name="top" scrolling="NO" src="">
<frame name="main" scrolling="YES" src=""> 
Frames are required, for this page to display correctly.
<a href="">Click here to continue to the requested page</a>

My guess is that they're basically tracking my internet traffic through a third-party (superclick) for advertising purposes.. can anyone perhaps more versed in the area offer some more insight?

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I think you are very close; but checking out, seems like its being done for network monitoring and management purposes.

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