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One year (or more) ago flash cookies were really a problem, because they could not be deleted from within a browser. They were not managed by the browser but by the flash player. Flash cookies were able to "respawn and recreate" deleted HTTP-cookies.

Is the flash cookie problem nowadays solved? Clearing your cashe and deleting your http cookies within your Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc would also delete flash cookies?

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As reported here (04/16/2011), it's now easy to delete flash cookies as browser cookies :

The "Flash cookies", also known as local shared objects, can now be deleted through users' browser settings'.

And this, since the v10.3 of Adobe Flash Player. (see the release notes)

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i also read… but was not sure what the actual status is. – Gero May 14 '12 at 9:14
I believe it's now sure, but I won't assume this for people using an old flash player (before 10.3). – Cyril N. May 14 '12 at 9:20

While "flash cookies" might be easy to clear as cx42net noted above, there are also other techniques that can be used to store hard-to-delete cookie-like data and read it from the server side.

Take a look at evercookie for reference. I've seen this used in relatively high profile e-commerce and content sites.

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