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I've been receiving more and more emails and now even TXT messages originating from google voice for inquiries of items that I've listed for sale on craigslist.

What I would like to accomplish: I would like to be able to track down the actual originating IP of the machine and possibly discover the OS and browser that they are running.

The hurdles are: TXT messaging through google voice as far as I know is untracable. Also when they email through gmail (I already tricked them into giving me their email address) it is only showing the IP of the originating email server and not the external IP of the originating network.

My complex idea: I could in theory setup a webpage that has an image that I embed into an email back to them and trick them into viewing the image ("Oh it has my paypal or western union info in the image") and also take an imprint of the browser that is viewing the image.

Is there an easier way to track them down?

I tried calling their google voice number and spoofed my number but was unable to get them to pickup to hear their dialect. I'm guessing that they are overseas, however respond within a few minutes to every TXT message.

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any suggestions? remember it will be scanned with gmail's security. Also I would rather track them down and report them. How could I get a picture of them with IP info from their webcam (if they have one)? How legal would it be? – Brad Jul 18 '12 at 21:52
Not legal in many jurisdictions. Closing. – Rory Alsop Jul 18 '12 at 22:31

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