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I didn't make it to DEF CON this last year...

I'd like to know what you thought was the most interesting/informative presentation and possibly a link to more information on the topic.

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wimaxx-hacking.. I think these guys have the slides on their google group.

click here

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If by wimaxx you are referring to the rogue cell tower guys, that was solid.

It really depends on where your interests lie. There were several good talks about several topics. There was a good talk by Dave King about using Arduinos as a hacking tool. The UAV talk was particularly entertaining and was also physical computing based. The ATM talk was a great insight into the vulnerabilities of embedded OS's, namely XP embedded, which runs on ATMs, POS devices and several other hardware solutions to sensitive data transfer.

There was a great talk on social engineering as well.

There was definitely something for everyone, make sure you make it this year and we'll hook up for some partying.

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I think your first sentence was supposed to be a comment on @Joey's answer. – user185 Jan 22 '11 at 10:26

Barnaby Jack from IOActive was the guy for ATM hacks.

Lots of interesting news articles on this and lots of video if you google for this.

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