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I have installed Apache http server in front of glassfish based on recommendations i had in this question.

I have been told that i will run into performance problems along with security issues. I was able to make Apache handle port 80 connections. However i had some problems concerning https, see my Other question.

Now that my application itself directs to Https (using CONFIDENTIAL in web.xml) and not apache, is there a security issue if i make glassfish run its http-listener-2 on port 443 directly?

What is happening now is:

so the flow is: --> Apache --> Glassfish root context app (app forces https)

i do not want to show the port 8181 in the url. I tried several methods (mod_rewrite, disabling port 80 so that only 443 runs,etc..) but nothing was working.

If i set http-listener-2 in glassfish to run on 443, port 8181 won't show in the URL.

I have no experience in server admin and it's beyond my expertise, but since this is a personal project i have to do the server tasks.

Excuse my maybe basic question but how unsecure is it to run directly on port 443 and why?

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You need your Java app to work in e.g. context like on port 80 on the local ip number e.g. and apache listening on public ip port 80 and forwarding the requests to the and even without /something you should not have issues.

You can drop mod_security to apache to even further improve security.

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thanks a lot bro, i'll try that and will let u know – shadesco Aug 3 '12 at 16:57
do you know any good tutorial for apache forwarding to localhost's 8181 port?(i have no experience with apache at all and i am not knowing how to make this work) – shadesco Aug 7 '12 at 0:07 this is all you need – Andrew Smith Aug 7 '12 at 8:24

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