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Do you know any software for searching (analyze) SQL injection (on website) from Snow Leopard ?

I have found some that can run from Linux or Windows.

I understand that most Linux (console) applications could be run under Mac Os x. But is there any GUI based software for that purpose ?

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Is there any reason you must run it native on mac? I'd suggest just installing backtrack in a virtual machine and using sql map from it. Backtrack has loads of other useful tools as well. – Terry Chia Aug 17 '12 at 9:53
Or just boot BackTrack off a live disc, and mount a partition. – Polynomial Aug 17 '12 at 12:11
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SQL Map is probably the best tool out there. It is on the command line, however, I did find this GUI for it. I haven't used it, but hopefully it will suit your needs.

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WebCruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner for Mac OS X 10.7+, an effective and convenient web penetration testing tool that will aid you in auditing your website!

WebCruiser can find the following web vulnerabilities currently: - GET SQL Injection(Int, String, Search) - POST SQL Injection(Int, String, Search) - Cross Site Scripting(XSS) WebCruiser provide a HTTP Request resend tool (or call it HTTP repeater) and a Cookie tool also.

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