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What are some steps to take into account to protect an Android phone in case of theft?

Smartphones are everywhere now, before the market was dominated by Blackberry and Windows Mobile. These days more and more companies are adopting Android, Windows Phone and iPhone instead. People carry a lot of information on their phones, often confidential data that was distributed through email.

How can one protect from leaking this business critical data in case of theft? Meaning: remote whiping or encryption of all data on the phone so that a thief cannot access this data anymore.

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There's also some questions tagged "security" and/or "encryption" over at the Android Stack Exchange. –  user11872 Sep 4 '12 at 19:45

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Since Ice Cream Sandwhich, Android devices support full disk encryption. This is based on dm-crypt and requires password or pin to unlock your phone. While users may find this irritating (the swipe method is not supported), it is a tradeoff you will need to consider to keep your info safe.

Apps that can whipe data or more:

Email clients that encrypt your email:

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Lookout Mobile Security also works well for providing remote lock, wipe, locations and scream functionality. That's what I personally use. –  AJ Henderson Sep 4 '12 at 18:02

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