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If your computer has been infected with some kind of malware, could a restoration of the system, using the tool provided by windows, help you getting rid of that malware?

We should suppose that it exists a restoration point before the infection, and also that the date of the infection is known.

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System restore does not track all system changes. This is a myth. Most files are not covered by system restore, and certain system settings (e.g. BCD) are not affected by a restore.

System restore makes backups of:

It also keeps tracks of changes to files with certain extensions, in order to provide diff-based backups.

Since most malware persists on disk, with a registry key to make itself start on boot, a system restore should disable most malware. It most likely will not remove the malware from the disk, though. Other persistence mechanisms, such as code injection, will allow the malware to persist beyond a system restore.

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