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I have heard of this vulnerability, but although it was announced on the Full Disclosure list, it does not provide any details (other than a severity assessment). Does anyone have more info than me, and is able to tell whether non-Oracle JREs (OpenJDK's, for instance) and non-Windows systems are vulnerable to it?

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It's been less than 24 hours, and it doesn't seem to have a CVE entry yet, so it's difficult to say. The details are pretty sparse.

All I can give you is my best guess:

  • Any initial exploits will work on Oracle Java SE only.
  • A variant of the vulnerability may affect OpenJDK, but it's unlikely to have the exact same problem. This is because it's an entirely different codebase. We may see problems later on with OpenJDK though.
  • It'll be cross-platform, since the constraint violation is in the JVM, not in anything Windows-specific. It may even work on non-x86 machines, e.g. ARM / PPC.
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