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Is there a website or free downloadable program that allows a user to identify and remove multiple types of malware from an ISO file?

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Can malware infest an image file? I mean, beside naming an executable on Windows NudeJenniferLopez.jpg.exe and praying someoe is dumb enough to click it, does any image file format have enough executable or interperable parts to carry malware? – Bruce Ediger Nov 9 '12 at 3:44
The image could exploit a vulnerability in a popular image viewer or codec, like the old ANI vulnerability in Windows. – Polynomial Nov 9 '12 at 10:28

it could issue updates through fully functioning bitmap

So you're talking about stripping out steganography rather than neutralizing malware - in which case you'd get some mileage out of converting the file format (then possibly converting it back again). However it is technically possible to embed the content in such a way that it is still recoverable (IIRC the hidden WoW user id is extractable from a photo of the screen in addition to a direct image grab) e.g. if the image is of a barcode, then converting the format is not likely to disrupt the value embedded in the bar code.

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