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In order to be informed about critical vulnerabilities in selected products I'd want to subscribe to some list about them. I'd want to configure the list of products by myself.

The question: Where can I get security breach alerts? gives information on general lists, however these provide vulnerability information across all products the list knows about, and all I want to see are advisories about the products/applications/services in my network.

Can I subscribe to CVEs for specific products?

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Go to CVE Details' Product or Vendor pages. There is "Vulnerability Feeds & Widgets" link there.

It allows you to subscribe to CVEs about selected vendor/product.

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You need search for the vendor and replace the vendor ID within the general URL:… E.g. Apache vendor: You RSS URL is… – Michael Apr 28 '13 at 10:41
You can then take the RSS feed created by cvedetails and put it into an (or something similar) recipe so that it sends you notifications of your choice (e.g. tweets, emails etc). – user30473 Oct 29 '15 at 15:58

secunia makes a commercial product that does exactly what you want.

"The Secunia VIM lets you create specific vulnerability management reports for different product categories across your entire IT infrastructure by filtering criteria. So you only get vulnerability alerts and intelligence relevant to your specific needs."

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You can subscribe to this mailing list "". A lot of vendors and researchers keep updating about new vulnerabilities.

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It is possible to make a custom list of products / vendors / keywords using Cassandra service from Purdue University. It is free and allows updates to be emailed.

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