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It is possible to connect to multiple IPs at a time like when we are connected to LAN at the same time we can be connected to a Wireless connection. In this case does our network speed gets added or not. As per my research, my question has a negative answer, but can I know the reason behind it, why this is not possible?

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While this question isn't really an IT Security question, the limitation is that a connection can (generally) only exist between two network interfaces. Having multiple does provide an advantage, but only when you are working in parallel and have software designed to make use of it. This is fairly complicated to do and is generally most beneficial on servers rather than client computers. Also, if you are going through a single point like a router that has a limit in connection then that will be your bottle neck either way.

Assuming you had two dedicated pipes going in to each jack however, both jacks could simultaneously talk to different clients at their full speed. If, however you had two gigabit ports going in to a single gigabit switch, if the switch only has one gigabit port coming out of it, then the two cards would have to share time on the switch and would be limited to that one gigabit port. Also, it isn't generally possible to have both nic's ask the same web server for different parts of the same file, but if it was something like bit torrent, you could see a performance gain if the connections were not bottle necked up the line.

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