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Is there any means to identify deployed 802.3x authentication protocols on a wired interface (eth0) under Windows 7 (CLI), or from wlan0 on a *NIX based system?

The scenario is as follows: I am a student at a local college, who is unable to reliably access the wired network across the campus. As an IT student, I require access to the eth0 interface. I am however not eligible for on-site IT support.

Access to eth0 is haphazard at best (from 10-25% of available ports), although at the same time access to the wireless network is also haphazard within the classroom.

Windows, and Mac users have no difficulty accessing the wired network. Linux users at large, do.

The organization:

  • The organization has deployed Shibboleth (SSO) + PEAP for 802.11x authentication, on it's internal WPA2 Enterprise network
  • Shibboleth (as far as I know) is also deployed for 802.3x authentication
  • Has deployed a DMZ for guest access (I have access to the internal network)
  • Blocks 'most' Nmap scans
  • Hosts classes on network penetration testing (therefore likely to make use of extensive logging).
  • Obfuscates network protocol information (thus cannot be determined from Etherape)

The user (myself):

  • Is a student at the college (I.T. security)
  • wlan0 access: largely unrestricted
  • eth0 access: haphazard, restricted to 10-25% of available Ethernet ports (Windows & Mac users can connect without issue (for unknown reasons))
  • As a *NIX user, is barred from receiving onsite technical support (as per college policy, irrespective of issue)

My options:

  • Submit RTI request for disclosure of 802.3x authentication protocols
  • Request a meeting with program coordinator (and PKI wizard)
  • Take a DIY approach, determine 802.3x authentication protocols deployed, determine required credentials (which I have), obtain reliable access to eth0.

Are there any tools which I can use to determine which 802.3x authentication protocols have been deployed? Also, what are potential reasons for not being able to access the wired interface?

The policy regarding *NIX support is that the professor responsible for introducing the technology (so, *NIX, BSD), is the only person who can administer support regarding their platform. That professor however, has retired.

The only known Ethernet jacks which I can obtain an IP address (on eth0) at this time, are in locked classrooms. I do have physical access to Mac, and Windows workstations however (on eth0).

Thank you, Tyler

Note: Any step in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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I know it isn't a direct answer, but have you tried talking to any of your professors that might have an idea. There's a good chance at least some of them run in to similar issues themselves and may have managed to work through them. – AJ Henderson Jan 4 '13 at 21:28
Yes, I've spoken with the program coordinator - he was unable to be of assistance. – Tyler Jan 4 '13 at 21:34

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