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Does anybody know a good set of tools for doing reverse engineering of binaries in a collaborative way?. My original idea is to disassemble a binary, allowing to add information about functions, parameters, global variables, etc. Then such information should be propagated in all the analyzed modules.

It should be an open source platform. A good (but closed) example of this is CrowdRE alpha

At least, i will need some kind of version control system (svn, git, etc) and a disassembler (like radare2).


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The only experience I have with collaborative reverse engineering is using the collabREate plugin with IDA Pro. You can check it out here.

Although I don't have any personal experience with many of these, it is probably also worth checking out the collaborative RCE tool library, which lists many options for collaborative debugging.

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Another example, but still based on IDA: github.com/zynamics/bincrowd-plugin-ida –  user1234299 Feb 6 '13 at 11:26

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