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I have learned there are 2 methods to make SSH remote login easier and secure , those are;

  1. ssh generated keys (using ssh-keygen)OpenSSH Keys

  2. PEM (.pem) keys usually generated with OpenSSL (Amazon Web Services uses this method) OpenSSL

my question is that what are the differences of these 2 methods which one is more secure and why is it more secure ?

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Generate your SSH keys with openssl if you like. The only part that is special is the public key. – Zoredache Jan 30 '13 at 1:44
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The file format is different but they both encode the same kind of keys. Moreover, they are both generated with the same code: openssl (the command-line tool) is a wrapper around OpenSSL (the library), and OpenSSH actually uses OpenSSL (the library) for its cryptographic operations, including key pair generation. So there is no direct security difference.

We could argue a bit about password-based encryption of the private keys, but there is nothing really significant here.

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Assuming you are generating same-size RSA keys for both, there is no difference other than file format. Using one or another will mean absolutely nothing in terms of their effect on security.

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