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This blog describes the URLs that are used in OWA and webservices. It also says that there is a hashcode that is used in conjunction with the throttling policy.

  • Is this hashcode responsible for "securing" the throttling policy, and its current values for later processing by a CAS server?

  • What format is this hashcode? (is it MD5, SHA1, etc?)

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Assuming they didn't truncate the hash value in the example they showed, it looks way too small to be a crypto hash. – Steve Feb 20 '13 at 19:34
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My (wild) guess is that the "hashcode" is just a reference key used by whatever system enforces the throttling, to quickly locate in an internal database (which could be an in-RAM hash table) the entry which keeps track of the "budget" allocated to each entity. Thus not a cryptographic hash at all.

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