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Is there any Pre installed light way OpenVAS Linux distributions Or any light way Linux witch Openvas Tested on it and work properly on that Linux distribution ?

  • I have used Back Track (UBUNTU Version) , it is not light way Linux with all that services and software and 4 Gig size.

  • I seen Openvas VM , it is about 4 Gig and i do not want to use this amount of hard disk space .

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Kali Linux, the succesor to Backtrack offers a mini version of the distribution that is only 400MB. Alternatively, just build the package on any lightweight linux distributions like Arch Linux.

Do note that I have encountered many issues with configuring OpenVAS in the past, to the points where I simply gave up. I recommend Nessus or Nexpose instead if being closed source isn't an issue for you. Both products offer a "free" edition that might be suitable for you.

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