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I am researching smartcards for corporate implementation and have hit a small bump. We need to support Windows RT, and Windows RT does not support Windows minidrivers for smartcards. Instead, it only supports PIV or GIDS compliant devices (cf.

I know from research that GIDS is primarily Microsoft, while PIV is a US Government standard that has a civilian equivalent PIV-I (note: this is deliberately oversimplifying).

I have only found two ready, order online sources for PIV-compatible tokens ( and, and none for GIDS-compatible tokens.

What other options are available that meet these needs without jumping through a lot of hoops? I just want to buy a single token quickly to experiment with, and then later purchase one-offs. I want to do online ordering with a credit card. I can do this with more traditional smartcards at lots of places (e. g.

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