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I am having trouble and need some direction using computer certificates with Windows 7 firewall IP Security rules, using certificates only for user authentication. I can get everything to work correctly using a passphrase for user authentication. However, I would like to use certificates.

I cannot find any documentation on the requirements to make certificates for IPSEC user authentication.

I have been using makecert to create the third party CA then made some certificates using the following ekus:

Server Authentication EKU is
IP security IKE intermediate EKU is
Client Certificate EKU is 

Does anyone know of a good resource or documentation for Windows 7 firewall that includes this message? Or has anyone created these kind of certificates before and would be willing to assist me?

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In terms of making the certificates and requiring the server to use certificate authentication, have a look at this resource: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/814394

In order to get the certificates, the following is a handy way to do it over HTTPS so you won't need to get into reconfiguring firewall rulesets to permit: https://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/archive/2010/02/01/certificate-enrollment-web-services.aspx?Redirected=true

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