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In order to decrypt traffic you must have all 4 portions of the WPA Handshake. In WPA protected data frames, is there an unencrypted portion of that frame that has some sort of identifiable value to compare against a user's handshake?

For example, if I had a 4-way Handshake could I check a protected frame to see if it matches my handshake without actually using the handshake to decrypt the frame?

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do you want to see if a captured, encrypted frame belongs to a handshake you captured? usually, in an encrypted frame, there is the header which contains information like source and destination, which would probably enough for you to match messages with a handshake, as long as there was no new handshake that you may have missed. if i am way off, please clarify what you need ;) – user1451340 May 6 '13 at 8:54
thanks for your response user145, yea that is pretty much what I am looking to do. I think the value would be in the encrypted portion of the frame :( Atleast that is what I have seen in my research – pyRabbit May 16 '13 at 17:28

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