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I am using Mass email marketing or shoot out email campaign but my subscriber received my mail in spam folder what are the reason of this and how can I prevent them.

Question reference: Email marketing company, Mass email marketing

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Because you are spamming them. DUH! –  Terry Chia May 1 '13 at 7:43
Spamming does this. –  Joel May 1 '13 at 11:10

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If there was a method by which "mass email marketing" could avoid to be treated as spam, then spammers would use it...

... which is what happens, basically. This is a dynamic system. At the Dawn of Times, anybody could send emails to everybody, and all emails were dutifully read by all receivers. Then spammers came, and began sending many emails of low semantic value, clogging networks, flooding mailboxes, and aggravating users. So antispam measures appeared, intially as very simple filters on keywords in subject lines and email addresses. Spammers predictibly adapted and tries to work around these filters, triggering the adaptation of new generations of filters, which spammers again tried to work around, and so on. Darwin would have been proud: a remarkable demonstration of Evolution at work -- and also a remarkable illustration of how Evolution has little to do with Morality: the spammers and the antispam filters are becoming "better", i.e. more efficient at what they do, which is either spamming or blocking spam.

Nowadays, antispam filters employs scores of rules, some adaptative with a lot of smart mathematics (Bayesian filters), and others which rely on cooperation of many users, keeping track in real time of current spam types (a well-known project of that type is Spamhaus). Spammers, on the other hand, employs more and more powerful sending platforms with botnets, i.e. stolen computing power (yes, that's quite illegal, however you look at it, and using these services makes you an accomplice). The Spam Wars rage on...

If you don't want to be classified as a spammer, then don't spam. In "mass email marketing", the keyword is "mass": just don't do that.

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"Mass email marketing" is spamming.

Make sure you only send emails to people who want them. A few folks marking your email as spam will lead to it bwcoming spam for everyone. Sometimes the content of an email also gets it marked as spam -- the algorithms are secret and evolving but if it sounds like an advertisement, it probably is.

If people are subscribing to your emails, then you should have an email confirmation system. When they are prompted to confirm their email address, urge them to look in the spam folder and mark as "not spam" before confirming. This will ensure that your emails will not go to your subscribers' spam folders (though it may do so for others)

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