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For example as the value of an attribute of a html tag.

<div cookie='id=1234'></div>

Then if the user deletes the cookies while at least one page of the website is open, a javascript script would regenerate the cookie by reading the DOM.

Do you know of any websites that are doing this already?

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No, I don't know any website that is doing this. Simply, because it's a silly idea. The DOM is in the memory, and when you access it you're accessing objects stored in the memory. If a website wants to do this, it would simply store the cookie in a JavaScript variable.

var Cookie = 'COOKIE_VALUE';

But there are much much better ways of creating sticky cookies. A good example is the evercookie.

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aren't websites cached? that would give a slightly greater expiration to 'DOM-stored tracking information' than just memory. – n611x007 Dec 4 '13 at 8:20

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