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I am performing a penetration test against a website that uses Flash heavily.
What tools can I use to examine the SWF file for vulnerabilities?

From the Area51 proposal.

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From what I have been using: here is a set of tools for work with SWF files, can be used for data structure analysis. Another one is a tool from HP specifically for scanning vulnerabilities in Flash: (requires registration).

Tools that I have not used: Flare: - there are also links to other tools, and Swfmill - tool to convert SWF to XML.

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Neighbor has topic about Flash/SWF decompilers:… – anonymous Nov 16 '10 at 16:05
  • SWFScan for any
  • Nemo 440 for AS3, Flex, AIR
  • Flare for AS2 (Flasm for disassmebly). These aren't as useful anymore
  • There is an IDA Pro plugin for Flash disassembly written by some guy from Microsoft

Also see and

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Another good tool that I have used successfully in the past is OWASP's SWF Intruder.

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You can try SWF Decompiler to convert SWF to FLA for getting any information that might you wouldn't get from FLA Movies for penetration testing

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