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I am trying to integrate ACS to use in my application's authentication system.

Currently I have a Javascript client and a WCF so I had to use a REST architecture.

I am quite puzzled on how to do this but here we go :

On my log-in page I managed to get a token from facebook/windows live/google and then I want to send that token to my Azure's Active Directory Namespace, I want Azure to then validate that token with facebook / windows live or whatever provider it came from and if the token is valid I want to generate an ACS Token and return it to the client so that he will have to validate all its requests with this token.

I managed to get a token using custom Service Identities created on the ACS management website, I also have a token validator. What I am missing is how to send the facebook/windows live / google tokens to be validated against Azure.

I found no examples that go that far other than for MVC web pages.

Is it possible to do what I want to do?

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