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I am looking for respected resources that state guidelines on how to design my network from scratch in a secure way, including different positioning scenarios for different network/security appliances like "when to create Vlans", "traffic directions", etc.

As per my knowledge, security should be built in and not to be an afterthought. Thus I need to build/design it according to best security practices from a design/architecture perspective.

Thanks in advance

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NIST has some nice resources, as well as SANS Reading Room. and there a some pubications from BSI, but i dont know if they translatet thje actual versions. finally, there might be a national standard for building and maintaining secure it-infrastructure; ask your local dealer.

security should be built in

yeah, but security is not a state, but a process and depends on a lot of experience. there is no "read this and the you know it" - thingie, but some guidelines help.

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