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I have Unix systems (Solaris, Oracle,.Redhat etc.). I have to control all systems for security problem,bugs,patch,vulnerabilities.

I'm looking for security information for all security issues.

After that I'll update and check all Unix systems. I need to take notification for Unix systems or I need admin panel for manage system. When I searched the web, I found this site: which sends email notifications for vulnerabilities. Also I need report for latest vulnerabilities, patch and other systems.

Is there any commercial/free alternative to ^`?

How can I manage this sytems for latest vulnerabilities? Is there any recommendation for this?

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One of the services we use to track vulnerabilities is called Cassandra.

You create a profile and then tell it what servers and software you are using and it sends you notifications of vulnerabilities.

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Also I have recently made an App which might help you to get vulnerability notifications, – doNotCheckMyBlog Nov 30 '13 at 13:25

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