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Should I put my public key on my website so that people can securely contact me. I have seen personal sites where there public key is at the bottom of the page such as this site by the computer scientist Peter Gutmann.

  1. How should i include the key in my page?
  2. Is there a standardized way to include the key?

Many sites include them at the bottom of the page

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PGP public keys can be published anywhere because they are signed and you shall not use a key which you have not verified to be correct, either by checking its thumbprint with the key owner (over a secure medium, e.g. when meeting in person) or through its signature (PGP keys are signed; this is the "web of trust").

There is no standard for putting the key in a Web page, just a tradition, and it is not meant for automatic tools. This is for humans. You read the page and you use your brain.

PGP key servers are a more streamlined way to distribute PGP keys -- precisely because such key servers are supported by automatic tools (e.g. integration with client software, search engines..).

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