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Should fail2ban be the master of iptables rules? For example, should I setup my firewall rules along side the fail2ban rules, or should I have all my services configured and managed by fail2ban?


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Fail2ban is not a firewall manager. As a matter of fact you cannot even remove banned IP's using fail2ban. So, you'll want to set your iptables configuration separate to that of fail2ban. And use fail2ban for what it was is meant to be used for; banning brute-force logon attempts. – jersten Aug 10 '13 at 0:45

fail2ban is not a firewall rule manager. Fail2ban is a piece of software that monitors log files for "failed" attempts to login to a device. If it see too many failed attempts, it will then "ban" the source by adding their IP address to firewall rules to prevent future connections.

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