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What tool can I use to analyze Hooks (SSDT, Inline etc.) on Windows 7 / 2008? (x64 Platform)

Rku (Rootkit Unhooker) is the only tool I know, which is not available for x64 platforms.

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GMER seems fine and it works on 64 bit machines as well. –  Arun Aug 20 '13 at 12:00

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As Arun suggests, GMER scans for:

  • hidden processes
  • hidden threads
  • hidden modules
  • hidden services
  • hidden files
  • hidden disk sectors (MBR)
  • hidden Alternate Data Streams
  • hidden registry keys
  • drivers hooking SSDT
  • drivers hooking IDT
  • drivers hooking IRP calls
  • inline hooks

And it also run's fine on x64/x86 machines (currently testing it on my x64)

I haven't tested these but they might help:

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