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I need to sniff WiFi packets, but according to AirPcap FAQ page, it just supports Microsoft Windows, not other platforms. Does any alternative of this product work in Linux?

Please don't offer Alfa WiFi Adapter, because it cannot receive some packets!

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You can use Airpcap-Nx. It uses Atheros AR9001U-2NX chip-set which is installed and patched on Backtrack and Kali by default.

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You can use to normal wireless cards and change the mode to Monitor mode .

Ralink and Atheros cheapests are best choices .

Aircrack-ng's website have compatibility drivers page, since that proposed good device for WiFi sniffing data and raw packet injection, you can use that :

Best wireless USB proposed devices

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Some normal wifi card doesn't allow to change to monitor mode. To overcome this, you can use external wifi adapters such TPLink WIFI Adapater since it works well with Linux as it is Ralink based chipset.

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Are you sure ? Monitor Mode is a defined and standard mode in linux systmes !… – Sajjad Pourali Sep 21 '13 at 6:38

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