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I want to find out different pattern for the Stuxnet virus ,I have searched for these patterns on internet but could not found the patterns . Your help is appreciated

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If you protect your computer against some of the most common windows vulnerabilities ( as of now) you are safe . Stuxnet uses LNK vulnerability , ms08-067 , ms10-061 and a few other vulnerabilities . Detailed analysis of stuxnet can be found here (

There was also a newer version of stuxnet back then known as Flame . You might also like to read about that .

Plus i Don't think your question comes under the tag of php . Reverse Engineering and malware analysis maybe ??

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Thanks for your reply .I want to find out weather a file is infected with stuxnet or not.For this i want fallow this strategy ,Suppose we have two file (File1 and File2) File2 is the copy of file one and file2 is infected with stuxnet. Now we suppose to analyse the structure of file 1 and File2 definitely the structure of file2 will be different from file 1 this different structure of file2 will give us the pattern for stuxnet So basically i want to find out these pattern.Thanks – ali zaidi Sep 19 '13 at 7:04

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