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Is it possible to limit BitTorrent Sync connections to a a specific network using the client software? Right now the closest I can come up with would be IP limitations imposed on each client using a firewall. This seems like it would work fine, except for if any client somehow ventures outside those firewall restrictions.

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If you are using Linux, iptables has a match called "owner" where you can apply certain rules based off the UID or GID of the process sending the data.

For instance:

  • Put the IP's or CIDR network addresses in a file (one entry per line)
  • Create a new user called btsync
  • Run the following:

    sudo iptables -N btsync_filter
    sudo iptables -I OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner btsync -j btsync_filter
    while read ip; do 
        [[ -n "$ip" ]] && sudo iptables -A btsync_filter -d $ip -j DROP
    sudo -u btsync btsync

This will run btsync as the user btsync and all packets from that process that are going to a restricted IP will be dropped.

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