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I'm running Linux inside of VMware on the Mac, and on Linux I'm running a program that has connections open to perhaps 4 different machines. On the OS/X side however VMware has only 1 active network connection: To And what is also strange is that in my firewall settings I told it to block outgoing connections to that server, but these are being ignored. I also added a line in /etc/hosts to direct requests back to localhost, which is being ignored.

Could it be that VMware is recording all network traffic into & out of the VM using the Akamai server? If this is the case, VMware is really spyware.

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It would entirely depend on your setup. For instance if you are using a bridged connection then your firewall will be ignored

For the other part, without a tcp dump of the connection, we can't answer this question. Akamai is a content delivery network, they are often used to offload static content to anothe server as to increase performance.

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