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I have put wireshark to capture interface in monitor mode. I have also enable decryption and set keys in Wireshark preferences, but protocol for all packets is 802.11 which I think it means that packets are not decrypted.

I search for this problem and found out wireshark should also capture EAPOL packets exchanged between AP and devices before it can decrypt packets, and this exchange occurs when a device joins to a AP.

So I disconnected my mobile phone from wifi network and connected again. Then wireshark began to view TCP and other packets. That was ok, but after I powered off AP and turned it on again wireshark again doesn't do decryption.

I searched for EAPOL packets but there was no result. I disconnected and connected my phone again but no success.

Now, My question is If EAPOL packets are exchanged after a device joins to AP why there is no result for EAPOL filter in wireshark even after connect/disconnect?

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Have you seen, especially the preferences about the part about Protection bit (No, Yes - with(out) IV)? – Lekensteyn Nov 20 '13 at 16:46

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