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In another question, Thomas' answer mentioned the AES-NI instruction set, which piqued my curiosity.

Is there a tool or process available out there to check whether the instruction set is available (besides comparing CPU model numbers)?

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On Linux systems, do :

grep flags /proc/cpuinfo

This will give, for each CPU core, the list of what that core can do. The AES-NI instructions are there when the flag "aes" appears in the list of flags. See this page for a list of possible flag values.

For Windows, see this question on SuperUser.

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I'm not a low level hardware person any more, but an example from this post regarding a FreeBSD implemention shows you can grab info from Features2:

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There's also the cpuid utility - http://www.etallen.com/cpuid.html - available on a number of OS's.

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