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There is an option under Tools>options>Advanced>Security Devices. How to use that to encrypt and digitally signed your emails.

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I believe you misunderstood the Firefox function.

Firefox itself is not a mail client, therefore it doesn' provide you with ability to encrypt and/or sign your emails; use Mozzila Thunderbird with Enigmail and OpenPGP plugins if you're looking for this kind of functionallity. Here's nice how to:

The Security Devices function is used for the purpose when you wan't to use different password and certificate manager than the default Firefox one, I believe for example KeePass or something like that.

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I think you meant Thunderbird. You can use built-in cryptography features, but first you need your own certificate obtained from CA (to sign emails) or recipient's certificate to encrypt email. Alternatively you can use GnuPG with Enigmail add-on.

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