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With this question I am looking for a direction or suggestions towards advanced research that might be going on currently in designing remote access environments for the development environment(DE) and how and from where I can learn more about it.

As part of my master thesis, I have already analyzed the concept of DMZ (Demilitarized Zone); and various ways to implement DMZ i.e. using virtualization technology(from VMware, Citrix etc.), apart from the physical setup itself. The other very interesting concept I came across is of VPC like the one provided by Amazon.

But by and large all of these concepts fall into the category of DMZ, just that there are various ways of implementing it.

Current Quest
But I want to find out if that is all or is there any new concept or framework or any research that might be going on in securely offering DE via remote access.

Would be great if someone can point me in the right direction or is there any existing framework or concept that I missed completely?

Thank you in advance.

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