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I use Hydra with the Web-Form (Http-Post-Form); and I'm trying to use a list of Usernames when some of the nicks contain a letter ñ. For example I have the following account in my list:

Username: ñandu123
Password: asd123

The script that I run is something like this:

enter image description here

hydra -L usernames.txt -P passwords.txt http-post-form "/login.php:log_user=^USER^&log_pass=^PASS^&Enter.x=0&Enter.y=0:ERROR."

Inside the usernames.txt and passwords.txt (encoded as ANSI) is already the account of "ñandu123" but the script never detects it. It works well with usernames without an special char but not when I use this letter "ñ".

I don't know how I can make the script to detect these special chars inside my list files.

If I use the word "ñandu123" directly the script works well (-l ñandu)

hydra -l ñandu123 -P passwords.txt http-post-form "/login.php:log_user=^USER^&log_pass=^PASS^&Enter.x=0&Enter.y=0:ERROR."

But not when I use the username list. And I cannot do this "one by one" because I have more than 200 usernames, so I need the list.

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