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I use Hydra with the Web-Form (Http-Post-Form); and I'm trying to use a list of Usernames when some of the nicks contain a letter ñ. For example I have the following account in my list:

Username: ñandu123

Password: asd123

The script that I run is something like this:

enter image description here

hydra -L usernames.txt -P passwords.txt www.xxxxx.com http-post-form "/login.php:log_user=^USER^&log_pass=^PASS^&Enter.x=0&Enter.y=0:ERROR."

Inside the usernames.txt and passwords.txt is already the account of "ñandu123" but the script never detects it. It works well with usernames without an special char but not when I use this letter "ñ".

I don't know how I can make the script to detect these special chars inside my list files.

If I use the word "ñandu123" directly the script works well ( -l ñandu )

hydra -l ñandu123 -P passwords.txt www.xxxxx.com http-post-form "/login.php:log_user=^USER^&log_pass=^PASS^&Enter.x=0&Enter.y=0:ERROR."

But not when I use the username List. And I cannot do this "one by one" because I have more than 200 usernames, so I need the list.

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What encoding is the file in? What encoding does your system default to? –  Gilles Jan 28 at 20:29
The encode that the file is using is ANSI by default (in all the .txt files). –  Pinkfloydd8 Jan 28 at 20:43

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